Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Avengers 47

"Magneto Walks The Earth!"
Roy Thomas
John Buscema
George Tuska
L.R. Gregory

Magneto and the Toad are trapped on a barren planet the Stranger has left them on.  I wonder what they have been eating.  We meet Dane Whitman and his assistant Norris.  Cap quits the Avengers and Hawkeye and Natasha have a row, all within six pages.  That's a lot to do in a short amount of time, and that's just the beginning.Hercules travels back to Olympus, which is deserted.  Again.  Norris betrays Whitman and accidentally brings Magneto and the Toad back to Earth.  We are treated to Magneto saving his kids Wanda and Pietro.  He then tricks them into a battle in his castle (only miles from the capitol) and captures them.
That's about it.  John's art is great.  Roy overdoes Magneto's arrogance and the Toad's obsequiousness a little, but it is for a purpose.  Does the Toad have a real name?  This issue sets up several stories coming up.
Next issue: The Black Knight returns!

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