Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best of WCW: The Clash of Champions

Here's a collection of a LOT of matches from WCW's free pay per view, "The Clash of Champions".  It was started in 1988 as a counter to the expensive WWF's pay per views, and it worked really well.  I watched the first one, mostly for the Road Warriors match- a rather short barbed wire six man tag, pretty predictable, actually- but was glad I did, since the main event was the first bout with Sting and Ric Flair.  I hadn't seen that match since, but it's on here of course, as it rightly should be.

There's no documentary on here, but I'm not sure exactly what there would be to talk about.  See "The Rise and Fall of WCW" for who the Clash was created.  Not much more to tell than that.

There's a lot of Ric Flair and Sting on here, and as much of Stunning Steve Austin as they could get.  Most of WCW's other stars are featured, but the Road Warriors are nowhere to be seen at all.  And that's just wrong.  Granted, they were spending time in Japan, and jumped to the WWF in 1991 or so, but they did have some good matches at the Clash- like the one with the SST.  Dusty does some wraparounds, and he's good as always.

It's worth a watch, but I am glad I didn't buy it.


Mathew Jones said...

I never watched WCW, I was always WWF and then WWE at the time before trying out TNA. As much as I enjoyed wrestling at the time I feel standards have slipped and it just isn't the same these days.

David McRobie said...

I started with the NWA and the went to the AWA (home territory, if you will) and finally watched the WWF. I'll watch TNA on occasion, but don't care for much of today's product at all.