Monday, August 12, 2013

Justice League: Doom (2012)

Watched this movie today.  Never read the comic book story it was adapted from so I can't compare it to that.  From what I read about the differences between them, it sounds like the cartoon is the one to watch.  It's always a good thing to see that Plastic Man was left out of anything.

I just don't get his appeal.  I'd really appreciate it if someone in the "know" could fill me in on why he's used at all.  Aside from the comedy, since he did get one of the best lines in the Avengers/JLA crossover.  I'll admit that.

It's pretty good, but mostly it's because of all the familiar voices.  It's always great to hear the gang from the JLA/JLU series.  Though they sure tricked me, since that's Michael Rosenbaum's voice as the Flash, but that's not Wally.  He does a great job as Barry.  It's always great to see Hal, and Nathan Fillion does a fine job there as well.  The interplay with the big three is good.  Cyborg doesn't seem to be shoehorned in too much.  His reasons for being around make sense.

I gotta say why do they have to make J'onn look like that?  He's a shapeshifter (used to great effect here) so just let him have the classic look.  Bleah.

There's not much humor in here though.  What a surprise.  The other issue is Vandal Savage himself.  I get he's immortal,  but he's also invulnerable?  I bet he could die if he was drawn and quartered, or shot into the sun.  I guess some things don't need to be thought about as much as I have.

Overall, it's worth a watch.  I wouldn't buy it though.

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