Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Power Rangers... 20 years ago

It was 20 years ago this very day that The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were first televised on Fox Kids.  I had seen the previews so was intrigued by what I knew would to be the Super Sentai series being shown.  I had no idea what they had done to the series or what it would become.  I thought it would be dubbed into English, like other Japanese imports had been.  I also kind of figured it would last a season if it was lucky, since it was really different than anything kids in the US would be watching or thought was popular.
So I got up that Saturday morning and made sure the VCR was ready to go.  Turned on the TV and watched as I recorded the premiere episode.  Those are American "kids"... and they are almost ALL really bad actors, but pretty good athletes.  Only the villains are dubbed?  Oh wow is the writing atrocious.  Can't really blame the actors for having to say such awful lines.  At least they do so with gusto.  Lousy jokes, too.  Oh look, stereotypical school bullies, dressed as "punks".  At least they are funny and decent actors.  This show will never last, despite the dinosaur robots and martial arts and lasers.

So much for my predictions.  I stand by how awful the scripts were, as I've watched some episodes recently.  They are really hard to stomach.  Not to mention they make the kids sound so frikkin' preachy.  Granted, it wasn't my age demographic, but dang, don't talk down to kids either.

Who knew it would still be running in some form or another 20 years later?


Mathew Jones said...

This show was epic when I was a kid! Was a huge fan and collected the action figures and any games released. I stopped watching after Turbo but it is great for kids!

David McRobie said...

Turbo was awful. Any time any thing with Sentai has a car theme it's never good. That includes the Japanese versions, lol.

Mathew Jones said...

I quite liked Turbo but that was because they had a kid as a power ranger for the first time. I'm around the same age as Blake Foster who played him so could relate :)