Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Southern Knights #11


Henry Vogel (Script), Chuck Wojtkiewicz (Pencils), Bill Neville (Inks), T. R. Davidson (Letters).

(I can't believe it's been well over a year since I wrote about this series.)

Our heroes are out patrolling Atlanta.  They have a fun discussion of how the odds don't apply to them, which is very true in comic books about superheroes.  Things just work out the way they do.

So on their patrol, they run into a group of quadruplets.  Being a comic book, they immediately get into a fight and lose to these girls.  They can't really hurt the Knights, but they get away.  Everyone is a bit put out by this.
Later the girls are talking and only one thinks they should have told the Knights what they were doing.

The Knights visit Aramis in the hospital.  Mark and David have a discussion about Mark killing one of the VIPER agents.  Kristin is paying for Aramis' bill.  Cut to VIPER HQ, and Zephyr and Jim are complaining about Serpent's new guidelines.  This isn't going to go well...

Then our heroes meet Synergy again, and we get a flashback to their origin.  They are hunting Mengele,because of what he did to their mother.  They have interesting powers, but I always thought this was a pilot for a new book.  I don't like this when it's done on TV and I don't care much for it in comic books. 

And even in the mid-80s Nazi hunting seemed a little out of date.

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