Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ultraman 28: Human Specimens 5 & 6

If I were ever in Japan, and monsters and aliens were known to be around, I would never get on a bus.  Ever.  This always happens to them, and then you get taken as a specimen or an experiment or something awful.

I'm not sure if Ultraman started this trend, but I can't think of a show that doesn't have it now.  heck, even INFRAMAN starts out with kids on a bus when Princess Dragon-mom appears.  It seems to be that persuasive.
This time there's some mystery as to why the buses keep getting wrecked.  Mura and a woman are alone after everyone else on the bus was taken away.  The alien Dada are getting ready for an invasion, and want specimens.
This episode has a great fight scene.  Since Dada is more humanoid Ultraman gets to fight in a different style than normal- a lot of wrestling holds are used
Ultraman blasts Dada in one of it's three faces.  The burn looks rather painful.  Oddly enough, the Spacium Beam doesn't kill the Dada.
I wish this grab had come out better, since it's a nicely done shot of Ultraman saving Mura and the woman (I don't remember her name).  There wasn't always a lot of process shots like this in the show, and in this one we get a couple.
Like this one, where Dada blasts Ultraman with it's teleportation ray, only to have him shrug it off like nothing.  Not quite nothing, as it shrinks Ultraman to human size.  This had to be quite a shock the first time people saw it, since Ultraman was always giant sized.
It doesn't last too long, but it had to be a surprise.  It only happens once in this series, though Ultra Seven goes through several sizes in a few episodes of the next show.
Since Dada can become invisible, Ultraman uses his eyeball rays to find it.  This episode was remade in Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, but it's just not as good.  It was interesting, since Dada was a virus of some kind.  I think.

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