Friday, August 30, 2013

Wolverine and the X-Men (2009)

This is the fourth X-Men cartoon adaption.  I got it confused with the X-men as kids version, X-Men: Evolution, which I suppose I'll give a shot as well at some point.  This one is different, and pretty good.  Good voice cast and the animation is much better than the Fox show.

Of course, Wolverine is the new Batman, who is now the Silver Age Superman in that they can never be surprised or beaten.  That sure gets old after a while, but since he's now up there with Spidey and Cap as Marvel's top guns, I'm not surprised.  I'll just add right now that I hate Logan's ever changing "true" origins.  I'm so over that nonsense.  It's astounding to me that a team with three powerful telepaths couldn't sort out his brain in no time flat if they wanted to.
The story is pretty easy to follow along with, despite the many plot elements that have been slightly changed around for this adaption, like Wanda and Pietro knowing Magneto is their father.  It's better than him having bullied them for 10 years before finding out.

What is confusing is all the thousands of side characters present, both as heroes and even more so as villains.  I only recognize about a third of them.  Oddly enough, it doesn't really bother me, since they are usually cannon fodder for Wolverine to trash.  There are a few guest stars here and there, and I did enjoy the Wendigo storyline, since it was a nod to Wolverine's first story ages ago. Juggernaut is still not a mutant.  How the heck does he turn his head to see from side to side?

On the plus side, there's no Jubilee.

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