Monday, September 23, 2013

American Scary (2006)

There was no horror host in Colorado in the 70s when I was growing up.  There was just the disembodied voice over for Channel 2's glorious Sci-Fi Flicks, but that mostly just introduced the movies, if memory serves.  They did give it a scary sort of vibration as well.  Even visiting WV I don't recall ever seeing a horror host, though I saw an ad in the TV Guide for "The Ghost Host" at one point.

So perhaps that explains why I am not impressed with this doc.  It's not bad, but I have no nostalgic connection with it.  I'd be happier seeing the openings of the aforementioned "Sci-Fi Flicks" or the afternoon shows from Channel 2, but that sure wouldn't take up much time.

It's interesting, but the stories are all relatively the same, people just had fun showing these movies.  I'm no fan of them constantly saying how bad the movies they were showing were though, since I do love many of them.  They sure talk to a lot of them and many of the other people connected with them, including Tim Conway, who was hilarious as always.

I probably would have liked it more as an hour long doc, and it having less talk.  Just no emotional connection to the hosts.  I know people that love them though, and I'm sure this doc was perfect for them.

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