Monday, September 30, 2013

Ghost of Zorro 12

Last Chapter- Trail of Blood 

This has been a pretty fun ride, all things considered. I can see why Clayton was chosen to be the Lone Ranger after this, he makes a good hero. I'm really surprised we didn't get DVD releases of everything Zorro related back when the Banderas movies were released. This one has good action even without the stock footage from previous serials, and it's got Moore. Too bad the new Ranger movie seemed to be so awful.

Naturally Rita finds out who the real villains are. I'm impressed that we do get to see Zorro in this last chapter as well, figured he wouldn't have his mask on at all. How new "hero" movies have ruined wearing a mask now. They still dub a different voice in when he talks to Crane and Kilgore. After the final fight, the serial ends abruptly with our heroes laughing.

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