Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Thuvia Jane

TJ's birthday is officially September 4th, 2007.  I adopted her around that time in 2008 at a local Petco.  She's my rescue cat, since one of her back legs had been broken by her former family's dog and they gave her up instead of fixing her.  I was there the Friday night when they were setting up and I was back there on Saturday morning to adopt her.

Interestingly enough, I met my first tattoo artist that day as well, since Laura Crow was buying dogfood for her (then puppy) at the time.

Life sure hasn't been the same since.  I got her to keep Dacya company, and it's taken this long for them to just get along without fussing at each other all the time.  I started to believe that would never happen.  They aren't best friends even now, but there are times where they will cuddle up together.  Usually after a move when they are unsure of anything except each other.  I brought Dacya down first, and then went and got TJ, and they didn't like being separated at all that time.

See?  There they are, almost sleeping in the same spot.  That's because TJ loves to sleep wherever she thinks Dacya wants to sleep.  She's kind of a butt that way.  She's the cat that wants to sleep with me and on me all the time now.  Dacya is very much her own person, though she has learned to be a lap cat recently.

Happy birthday, Thuvia Jane!

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