Friday, September 13, 2013

presenting... the Xenorama #16 cover (mode one)

Here's the prototype for the next issue of Xenorama, which should be on sale soon!  Dan Ross does some amazing work, doesn't he?  I'm really fortunate to have so many talented people contributing to the magazine.

As one could reasonably ascertain, there are at least three articles in this issue (there are more, but I'll save those for the actual release post):  I can tell you that the Space Ghost article is a complete episode guide to the 1960s series along with some commentary.  It does included the now not so rare six part story from the second season "The Council of Doom".  It's such a great series, I hope it never gets made into anything remotely resembling a movie.
The Gamera article is something I wrote 15 years or so ago, updated and revised for the present day.  I wrote it before there were DVDs of the entire Showa series out there available to purchase in this country.  Heck, the AIP-TV dubs were not easily accessible at that time, though Neptune Media was working hard to change that.  It's too bad they didn't get to follow through on the rest of their releases back then.

And now for something completely different... Doctor Who.  I don't think I've ever written about the Doctor before.  It was fun.  The question is which Doctor did I write about? 

Of course, there are plenty of pictures and other fun stuff.  Stay tuned!

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