Saturday, September 14, 2013

Road Warriors/Super Powers vs The Horsemen

I never saw the original iteration of the Four Horsemen live. By the time they made it out to CO Lex Luger had replaced Ole in the group. Arn, Tully and Lex faced the LOD and Nikita in a six man tag bout the evening I went way back when and Dusty fought Flair (guess what kind of finish we got that evening?). I wish I had brought a good camera to to that event, Sting was making his first appearance after turning face.

Since this is a TV match there's only 9 minutes or so, and it ends long before the match probably did. That's the way these matches should be, make fans want to go to the matches live and see if they could defeat the dreaded Horsemen. Tony says this is from 1987. Hard to believe some of the participants had less than 5 years of experience at that time.

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