Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spectreman: A Great Earthquake Levels Tokyo - Part 1

It's an episode from some part of the show. I sure wish I had seen this when I was growing up, as I know I'd like it far more than I do now. I want to like it, but knowing it's edited for US consumption makes it more difficult as an adult. I think it's dubbed well, despite the changing of the names from Japanese to Western ones. That is just lame, really, since it didn't seem to matter when other Japanese shows and movies were brought over here earlier.

Anyway, it's still a fun show, and I'd probably get a legit DVD set if it ever came out. Spectreman is pretty cool as well, and of course Gori and Karas are a hoot. Gotta love a show exploiting pollution and Planet of the Apes all at once.

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

I think the US Who-inspired theme song makes up for it's setbacks.