Monday, September 2, 2013

The Tenth Doctor

My post on the Ninth Doctor was very popular.  It still gets hits to this day and is the number two most viewed post on this blog.

It sure has taken me a long time to get through the entire run of the Tenth Doctor now, but I can see why he's most of the new fans favorite Doctor now.  He is played by David Tennant and it's pretty obvious he was a fan to begin with which in this case is a big help.  He's funny and charming and doesn't overact despite some of the situations which could descend into general silliness.

The stories are all enjoyable, but sometimes I get tired of everything being overly connected to everything else.  The Daleks, the Master, the Timelords, they all are TOO intertwined.  In the old days they only did this on occasion or sometimes by accident.  This is also happening with the Eleventh Doctor, but I'll report on that in what, two years?

The Doctor gets three companions in his three years, Martha Jones and Donna Noble.  Of course Rose is in his first season and haunts him through the rest of this regeneration.  One of the best surprises is seeing Sarah Jane Smith show up again, and she yells at him for never returning for her.  Since it's kind of established that this Doctor has romantic feelings for his companions one could reasonably assume the other companions might have been more than "just friends".

So I liked this one just fine.  There will be more on the new Doctors in the next issue of Xenorama... spoiler alert!

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