Thursday, October 10, 2013

new Godzilla toys

This is not about the obviously upcoming line of Godzilla toys that will be sold when the new movie is released.  It's not about older or figures either.  I'm not a collector of such things, though I own one or two cause they are cool looking.

No, it's about the dichotomy of the fans who really want their new Godzilla movie dark grim gritty and realistic, showing Godzilla as an unstoppable nuclear made horror that mankind has inflicted upon itself.  They want scenes of mass destruction, lots of casualties and then, finally, Godzilla will be taken seriously by everyone else.

Granted, not all fans are like this, but a good bit of them are.  What I find interesting is that a lot of these same fans want the new toys.  Toys that are probably aimed at kids.  This isn't superhero Godzilla.  A lot of the toys will be bought by fans and left in their boxes, never opened or played with, but I sure hope some kids ruin the collectability of said toys.  I would have loved having these as a kid, all we got were the models of Rodan, Ghidrah and Godzilla, and those really didn't lend themselves to proper play.

So kids will be playing with new Godzilla toys representing some kind of grim specter of death.  Funny?

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

Whatever float stheir boat I suppose.