Friday, October 4, 2013

This is Godzilla? meh

So the big news today is the teaser of Legendary's Godzilla remake movie that was from last year at Comic Con.  It was leaked and reported on and now it's everywhere.  Predictably, the fans that want their Godzilla uber serious are all wetting themselves in anticipation of the movie that will finally gain their favorite monster mass acceptance by the rest of the world.

The teaser is ever so serious, that's for sure.  Leads me to believe the movie will be somber and have only the tiniest bit of humor in it at all (see Legendary's Batman movies for an example).  At least it's not all sepia toned, though I reckon we will probably get plenty of rain filled night scenes.

I think this design for Godzilla has been changed a bit by now as well.  It's certainly... well, adequate.  I think I'd miss having a neck though.  Without a well defined neck, this monster looks like a quadruped and not a biped, which Godzilla should be, since Godzilla is indeed world recognized as such.

There's already two dead serious Godzilla movies.  One of them is great, the other is adequate.  I've no real hope for any kind of fun for this movie, so maybe I'll like it more when I see it.  Being burned in 1998 really didn't do me any good.

At least he's got better fins this time.

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

I'm not big into it as well. Oh well, it's just now OUR Godzilla!