Saturday, November 30, 2013

Xenorama #16

I'm very happy with this issue as well. The cover again is awesome. I'd actually kind of like to have it in real newsprint, but oh well on that. I may start offering them in b/w form as well.  It would be a bit less expensive, for sure.  I think the color pictures really make the book look great though, even if many aren't close to the 300 dpi that createspace seems to think are needed.

Mostly I'm using screen captures from DVDs for the pictures.  It's really easy to do, and they can be more unique than all the same images that have been seen for ages.  Plus if they come from the internets there's the question of legality.  Now that I know the pictures look pretty good when they are reprinted I'll be using more.

The Space Ghost article has some great pictures, I think. which almost all came from the great DVD set that was released a few years ago.  The Doctor Who pictures are good as well.  I'm also really happy to have new contributors as well!

I'm sure the next issue will be the best issue ever!

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