Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Androids... how many?

The Vision is one of my favorite characters in comics of all time.  Well, at least the one I knew when I was growing up.  After Byrne's nonsense about him actually NOT being the original Human Torch I started to lose interest, and even after Busiek explained how he COULD still have Jim Hammond's body and yet both could exist (and man, did that take some explaining, I'll tell you what).  He and Wanda were my first superhero couple as well, and I followed his whole story with interest for my formative years.

Now, I've had a thought about pitching a fun little series to Marvel about their artificial life forms having a support group.  Machine Man, Jocasta, Jim Hammond and... then I ran out of names.  Possibly Deathlock, though I really don't care for the character much and it might require time travel.  Are there any more cyborgs or artificial life forms in the Marvel Universe?  Oooh, I'll use the Dragon-man!

I figured out the conflict for it, and even got Arkuus, The first Vision involved, even though he's not a robot or synthezoid at all.  I think this should be kept in the Bronze age, not the current kind of idiocy that seems to have to be published today.

Any help is appreciated!


joecab said...

How about Golem?

And if you're willing to go back into the monster comics, you can probably dig up a few more like the Glob from Journey into Mystery #72.

Ismael Alvarado said...


Ismael Alvarado said...

the mad thinker's android and does the super adaptoid count....??

David McRobie said...

yes, both of them could count. I forget about the Super Adaptoid.