Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Golden Book of Dinosaurs

Went to Boulder Saturday and got this book.  Dr Robert Bakker was there signing his book and talking about dinosaurs.  What a pleasant surprise that was!  it was the Best Western Denver Southwest hotel that posted it on Facebook, so thanks to them for the heads up on this fun event.  Click on the link and like their page- they have to be one of the only dinosaur themed hotel in the states, so they are worthy of liking, I must say.

So I got to the Barnes and Noble and of course, the parking in Boulder is horrendous.  Fortunately there was plenty of time to see "Dinosaur Bob".  There were several kids around him asking him a wide variety of questions, some of which were far more sophisticated than I would have ever thought to ask him.

He was very nice to kids, both young and old.  I got to chat with him about several dinosaurs, including the brontosaurus.  He was great to talk to.

I sure wish I liked the dinosaurs in this book more.  I really don't like feathers on dinosaurs- makes 'em look like chickens.  The art is really good and it's well written, but I really prefer the Zellinger original, tail draggin' beasts and all.

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