Monday, December 30, 2013

Kaufman Lawler Feud: Chapter 34 - Andy's Death

This is it, the final chapter of the feud. Andy had passed away and his greatest foe, Jerry Lawler had some words about his death. Only years later did it come to light how much the two enjoyed working with each other. Jerry is really good here though, keeping the business safe.

He does get a good line in about Jimmy Hart. I'm sure both Jerry and Jimmy were quite sad about Andy. Jerry then runs a promo on Humongous- is this the young Sid Vicious? Anyway, it's exactly how Andy would have wanted the feud to end, with Jerry keeping it going.

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C. Elam said...

Jerry kept it together pretty well there. Very classy way to do it, too.

I think this Humongous was Mike Stark, a former football player who is now (and maybe was then) in coaching. Pretty sure Sid hadn't even started in the business yet - the Humongous I saw in Mid-South wasn't him either, but rather Jeff Van Kamp.