Monday, January 20, 2014

Doom Patrol #123

I bought this issue of the Doom Patrol in early 73 (though I seem to remember it being quite warm, weird) and I got it because it was a sequel to this story, which I had gotten in the previous month or so.  I had really enjoyed this "new" group of heroes.  The villain was really cool too.  It was a neat time in DC Comics history, since they were reprinting all sorts of comics I had never seen before, like this, the Metal Men and some early Legion of Super Heroes.  To a kid that loved super teams and seeing new and different heroes this was a great thing.  You never knew what you would find in a spinner rack back in those days.

This was another reprint of an earlier Doom Patrol story ( #95), though I did not know it at the time.  This was indeed  a direct sequel to the first AVM Man story, though our heroes suddenly had all of their powers exchanged with each other.  Cliff became the Chief, the Chief became Robotman, and Rita and Larry swapped powers (later there would be an actual Negative Woman). 

Naturally this causes all kinds of havoc, though eventually our heroes get some more control over their new powers.  I always wondered why the Chief never used his robot suit again though.

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