Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Posters of Sprocket Monsters

In my previous reviews of my own works, I was mostly happy with the way both issues/books came out.  There were some issues I had but overall I was pretty happy with everything.  I consider it all a learning experience and am sure the next issue of Xenorama will be the best one ever (he said thinking of all the FM blurbs that said that every issue).

Now with this one, a "special edition" if you will, I'm really quite happy with how the whole thing came together.  The original posters look pretty great and the 8mm boxes look quite nice as well.  If I may say so, it's quite fun to see how much or little the posters resemble the boxes.

So I like this the most so far.  Naturally, since it was a vanity project it's sold the fewest copies, but that's quite alright.  I do wish the back cover was a little better, but heck, I did all of this one on my own! 

It's still available here!  If you order from that form, use the code 6C472NZU for a ten percent (10%) discount.

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