Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Godzilla" trailer

I am sure I am in the minority here, but I'm not overly impressed with the new trailer. Sure, it's "epic", dark and gritty, but so was the original. And if we are honest, the trailers for the '98 film were pretty nifty as well. I'm also not particularly thrilled with this new look for Godzilla. Sure, it's better than the '98 version, but what wouldn't be? I'm hoping I like the movie, but I'm going in with very low expectations.

I do expect the movie to be too long, and have several false endings. Of course, there will be the tag after the credits for the possible/probably (?) sequel.I doubt there will be much humor in the movie, which will be to it's detriment. Even the original GODZILLA had moments to lighten the tension. Too bad, since Cranston is a funny guy. So here's the trailer, for all two people that haven't seen it.

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