Monday, February 17, 2014

Green Lantern eps 1 and 2

I have not watched this series, so this will be my first viewing as well. I miss 2D animation a lot, this just looks like every other cg cartoon out there. Apparently this series deals with all sorts of different colors of Lanterns (an idea I entertained when I was about 8 and gave it up as silly even then). I'm not particularly a fan of that idea, either. Sinestro's yellow ring was unique. Now? Not so much.

At least it's Hal Jordan as GL. I don't mind the others, even Guy, though he's best used as comedy relief ("one punch!") but Hal is my main Lantern. Alan and Tomer-Re as well, actually. I can tell Kilowog is in this series. Just give Ben Grimm a ring and there you go. But I'll give it a shot, there's at least three episodes on youtube, and I should be able to find the rest of them elsewhere.


joecab said...

I thought it was an excellent series and was sad to see it not get renewed. It's certainly miles above the Batman CGI series that followed it.

I hope you stick with it because it definitely grows more interesting, and went in a great and surprising direction near the end.

David McRobie said...

actually, I quite enjoyed it. I've been a fan a long time (I really did think of multicolored Lanterns as a kid) so I'm very particular about how GL is portrayed.