Wednesday, February 19, 2014

JLI meets JSA

I finished the last twelve episodes of The Brave and the Bold, and for the most part really enjoyed them, though I wish 'Mazing Man was replaced with anything else.  Seriously, what is his appeal?  The character got rave reviews when he had his own comic, but I never saw the appeal.  Give me Ma Hunkel any day.  Anyway, I'll discuss that episode and the series finale later on, since I may need to rewatch them just to make sure I can process it all.  Fourth wall breaking can  be a bit disconcerting.

Anyway, this episode has the JSA coming up to the satellite to visit the JLI.  Naturally things don't go well.  However, I want to talk about Starman.  His secret ID is Ted Knight, and his voice actor plays him like the actor Ted Knight playing Ted Baxter.  I didn't realize it at first, til I made the name connection.

More proof that Andrea Romano is a genius. As if there was more needed.  As good as this episode was, I kind of wish the show had gone with a true Silver Age motif and used Earth-1 and Earth-2, especially since there was plenty of time and space and interdimensional travel throughout the entire series.

Though heroes that were in their twenties in the 1940s would be in their 80s now (Wildcat would be dead, probably).  Some could claim their super powers slowed their aging process.  Anyway, it's a good episode.

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