Sunday, February 16, 2014

MagiRanger episode 19 "The Magic Lamp"

Only in the world of Super Sentai do you get talking, singing magical cats from a genie bottle.  And it all makes perfect sense in that world.  Mahō Sentai Magiranger is a pretty fun show.  Five siblings battle the forces of Infershia to save the world.  Pretty standard sentai fair, but these are magicians.

So in order to defeat the villains, they have to go through trials and such to power up.  I do wish they didn't use the cellphone motif that seems to be so popular now. 

So Simon here is a genie, or djinn, take your pick.  He has the power to grant one wish, but then decides he can't help them defeat Infershia.  He also sings, as does Vancuria, in this episode.  There should be more musicals in the world.

I'm enjoying the show.  It's not Gekiranger or GoKaiger, but it'll do, donkey, it'll do.

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