Sunday, February 23, 2014

more Jet Jaguar

Just a random sampling of Jet Jaguar grabs from the ill fated Godzilla vs Megalon DVD from Media Blasters.  I sure wish Titra/Titan had been able to dub the final four Godzilla movies,  as they wouldn't get nearly as much flack as they do now.

Some of the shots are pretty cool for this movie, all things considered.  Here's where our human heroes take back control of Jet from those dastardly Seatopians.
It's a really well edited shot combining both miniatures of the copter and the robot with the live action people.  Not a computer was used!  These days it would be all slickly done and look like every other realistic "special" effect in the movies.
This is the model used for most of the flying scenes.  They are well done, but the model is a little "off" to me.  Nothing I really noticed at age 11,  though.
I loved the scene of Jet when he gets Ultra Powered.  It was simple, yet really well shot also. I hope Jet Jaguar never gets revamped into some uber powerful mecha. Boring!

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