Monday, February 3, 2014

Star Trek into Darkness pt 2

Wow, nothing about this movie is original is it?  And it's too damn long.  I'm only 93 minutes into it and I can already tell what's going to happen.  Even with Spock telling Spock what happened in the original (and better) version of the movie.  I really dislike this version of Kirk, he can't capture the essence of the character.  Quinto is good as Spock, for the most part, I really believe he could almost grow up to be Leonard Nimoy.  Bones is mostly good, but just can't get it right either.  The rest are adequate.  I do like the new Scotty.

Cumberbatch is good as Khan, but he's no Ricardo Montalban.  Why couldn't they use a different character completely?  If JJ is so creative this should have been a no brainer.  Yet we get rehash of second ST movie, without any of the build up from the original series.  Seems like lazy writing to me.

Mostly this makes me want to watch THE WRATH OF KHAN again.  Alas, I gave it away two Xmas' ago as a present.

Oh, and I thought about making a drinking game for lens flares, but gave up, since everyone would be drunk in ten minutes.  Holy crap they are annoying.

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