Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Siege of Starro pt 2

Remember this post from two and a half years ago?  Well, I finally got the final two DVD sets for Batman: The Brave and the Bold and season 2 part 2 starts with the two parter.    I actually don't remember seeing the JLA scene in the first episode this time, but it's in that original post for posterity.  I'm sure I just missed it, since why would they remove it?  That wouldn't make any sense at all, considering all the other homages (even Sugar and Spike make a cameo appearance in this episode, which is just great as well).  Spoilers below, in case you haven't seen the episode.
Anyway, I also didn't remember how the second episode ended.  Starro is defeated by our heroes, but the Faceless Hunter isn't quite the Silver Surfer clone we assumed he was- he's even worse than Starro!

He turns Bwana Beast into a weapon, using his weirdo powers of merging animals to make a giant Cthulu inspired critter to try to destroy the Earth.  It can drain powers from the various heroes, which causes Batman to seek out the Metal Men's help (someone tell my why, again, they felt the need to change Doc Magnus' first name) since they are immune to Starro's powers.

Once Batman defeats the Hunter Bwana proves he is a true hero as he makes the ultimate sacrifice.  I've never read much about the hero, but he has always struck me as rather a silly hero.  Even most of his cartoon appearances have portrayed him that way, until now.

This cartoon is supposed to be the lighthearted one, but it keeps proving it's just as good as the earlier Batman: The Animated series.  I can't wait to watch the rest of the season and season three.

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