Wednesday, March 19, 2014

almost the end of Magiranger

I'm on episode 45 of this fun show, and it's getting close to the end.  It's been a pretty good run, despite the stupid cell phone "wands" they have to use.  And of course, all the obligatory robots.  I've lost count at all the different combinations that have gone in the show, and with five more episodes, I'm willing to bet there will be at least one more mega power permutation of all of them together.

It's a good thing all Japanese heroes tend to follow the early Marvel "model" in which they all have some kind of idiosyncrasies.  They aren't jerks, but they are all human.  I'm interested in seeing if the slight romance between Magi Green and Magi Shine develops anywhere.

They are battling Hades Beasts, who are all supposed to be gods.  Most of their names are familiar- Drake, Gorgon, Dagon, etc.  Each episode our heroes learn a new spell, making them more and more powerful.  Magi Shine himself is a "Heavenly Saint" which as far as I can tell makes him nearly an angel.  You'd think with all the Divine Judgements taking place most of Tokyo would be a ruin, yet people still have enough time to make Xmas cakes.  Perhaps all this stuff is common place to them?

But having angels as a sentai would be dumb... far too powerful.  Right?

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