Friday, March 28, 2014

DC Superheroes

Doing some research for Xenorama #18 (my favorite kind, watching cartoons!) and talking to Chis Elam led me to this menu for the original DC Superheroes DVD set.  Aside from the fact that all 18 episodes PLUS the documentary could have easily been on one disc, there's this slight continuity problem, as any rabid fanboy might notice and complain about (I think I did already).

One of those things just doesn't belong on that menu.  In my best Comic Book Guy voice "I
hope someone got fired for that screw up!" (though I actually believe Professor Frink said that.  Nope, on further review, it was "Doug".)

I know Birdman is a Hawkman "homage" but do the two characters really look that much alike?  Their powers sure are different.  I wonder if the new sets make the same mistake.  I can understand Aquaman being featured on the cover, since he does make a cameo in the JLA intro and is a Filmation cartoon star in his own accord, but dang.  Birdman?

I do enjoy these cartoons.  I find it interesting that Wonder Girl was animated long before her "sister" Wonder Woman.  Or even Supergirl.  

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