Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gokaiger Goseiger 199 Hero something or other

In which our five pirate heroes team up with the angel heroes from the previous series.  There is the obligatory disagreement/misunderstanding fight scene between the two groups, actually two of them, which leads to the theft of the Ranger Keys.  This is also sort of features every other Super Sentai team and extra member as well as the billions of robots.  I know it's to sell toys, but ugh.  The robots don't do anything for me.  Perhaps if they were used more sparingly.

Anyway, the keys get stolen by this guy, who was originally defeated by Goranger 35 teams ago.  He has somehow been reincarnated and wants revenge on all Super Sentai.
I think his look is a little different in this incarnation.  Why hasn't some enterprising group subtitled Goranger yet?  that would be great.  So the baddie separates our heroes and sends three underlings to kill them.  This leads the teams to realize they are similar and they decide to work together.  Good thing, too, as divided they will fall.
I'm not very familiar with Goseiger, but the premise is interesting, angels as a team.  The lead is kind of bland, especially compared to Captain Marvelous.  The action in this is quite good, and we get glimpses of all the previous sentai playing the roles of the throw around henchmen (there's a reason for this, it's OK).  The battles are grouped in fun ways as well.

So this takes place between episodes 16 and 17 of Gokaiger, and we see Gokai Silver at the very end of the movie.  There are several guest appearances and cameos from previous Sentai members.  It's fun, though I wish I knew a bit more about some of the other Sentai (aside from anything involving moving vehicles).

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