Monday, March 10, 2014

it's almost Mothra season

I've got a few more words to add, and a few more pictures to choose, and then Xenorama #17 will be done.  It's got a lot about Mothra in it, but there's also some interesting thoughts on Toho's Vampire trilogy and an episode guide to another HB superhero show.

There sure are a lot of Mothra movies.  I still find it very amusing that fans complain about Mothra being overused when Godzilla is used in movies even more times.
So in this issue we have a plethora of Mothras, including caterpillars and armored bugs.  Some look good, some look like plastic or plush toys.  The movies are pretty entertaining, though I'd like to find the guy that decided to give Mothra a cameo in the Space Godzilla movie.  That one's hard to sit through more than once a decade.
I have a lot of good contributors this issue as well, one from Brazil, making it a truly international journal of heroes and monsters!

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