Saturday, April 12, 2014

well, what IS Godzilla?

Much like Batman, Godzilla has been portrayed in many ways.  He's been a villain, a hero, and tweener, possessed by ghosts and a doomed zombie dinosaur.  Many fans have preferences as to what their favorite version, but there's really no one that's better than the other one.  Except the pregnant iguana from the horrid first American remake.  That one sucks sewer water and will rarely if ever be mentioned again.

It's no secret that like a lighter, less serious Godzilla.  The first movie is great and probably never can be duplicated.  Nor should it be tried.  It's a not good idea (see 1984 and 1998 again for example).  Most fans like the Godzilla that they see first.  Since I'm a first gen US fan (more or less, since there were so few of us back then) I saw more of the hero Godzilla right away than I did of the villain Godzilla, and those are fun, action packed adventures.

I can't fathom how anyone wouldn't love 'em, but I understand why some older fans don't.  But we took what we could get to view back then, and  were happy with it.  When the 90s resurgence came about it made a lot of new fans who loved that version.  I can't say I'm a huge fan of any of those movies.  I've watched a few of them three or four times, but I remember little about them. 

So I prefer action packed Godzilla movies.  I like the third series a lot more than the second, but even they tend to be "by the numbers".  Two of them weren't, and those are the two that drive some fans crazy.

OK, this was a lot of random nonsense.  Cool.

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