Thursday, May 1, 2014

series 2 Godzilla

As I mentioned last post, Godzilla returned to the cinemas in 1984 with a rather dull solo outing.  This started a new timeline, and would be called a "reboot" now.  Such a lame term.  Anyway, the series continued until 1995 and included seven movies.  Wrongly called the "Heisei" series (since the Heisei era is still going on) I just call it the second series, it's easier.  These movies are all connected to each other by a rather tight continuity, though some errors do creep up here and there at times.

When they first came out it was always fun to watch them, and it was cool to see new Godzilla movies.  Unfortunately they don't have the magic that the first series has, though each movie does have some nice moments.  GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE is probably the best movie of the series, though the script is a mess- too many characters, for one thing- which stops it from being truly great.

After that it turned into a beam war fest and that got rather dull in a hurry.  Lots of fans love these movies though, since they like better effects at the cost of good stories, or something.  I dunno.  I haven't watched these movies more than three times each total, though recently I've wanted to, maybe they've aged better than I thought.

Now that "Godzilla month" has passed, I'll keep on reviewing and showing some of the trailers, but I'll go back to other interests.

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