Wednesday, June 4, 2014

more Pacific Rim

Watched about another 20 minutes or so of this movie, and it's very enjoyable.  The monsters really aren't kaiju, since they are not unique.  And I sure miss the sleek robots of years past, but these are pretty cool. 

I'd rather see giant humanoids fighting monsters, but I guess that's just not realistic enough these days.
Pretty convenient how it's always dark and/or raining when the monsters show up.  They are so worried about giant monsters and robots looking real that they have to put so much stuff in the picture to distract the viewer.  GODZILLA (2014) did this as well, and it was just as annoying.  Hey, we know it's not real, so go ahead and show a battle in the daylight without any dust clouding up the screen.  Yeesh.  The new X-Men movie didn't worry about showing the Sentinels in broad daylight, and they looked just fine.
I am enjoying the movie a lot, as I said, but I wish I could love it.  None of these robots are Jet Jaguar, that's for sure.

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