Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pacific Rim finale

It took a little longer for me to watch the whole movie than I thought it would.  I mean, robots fighting giant monsters?  That's a lead pipe cinch for me to love, right?  Well, almost.  There will be spoilers below, so you have been warned if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Overall it was quite enjoyable, so that makes two Legendary movies I've liked so far.  OK, two and a half, since I did like some of GODZILLA.  Anyway, it's a pretty good overall, despite being rather predictable.
There are plenty of fights, unlike GODZILLA, though it sure would have been nice to have some more of them taking place in the daylight without rain or dust or sea water to help hide the CGI.  We as viewers KNOW these things aren't real, just run with it.  The sentinels in X-MEN were shown in broad daylight and looked great.
The whole idea of shutting down the rift from our world to the invaders is good, but everyone knew it couldn't be as easy as nuking it.  And what's with all these movies using nukes ALL the time? Seems like lazy writing to me.
Not surprisingly the effects are good, but special effects aren't special any more. Viewers just expect them.  It's too bad, since that's what we used to go see the movies for, and the stories would build to them.  Think about Talos coming to life in JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS, or Godzilla's first appearance in GODZILLA VS THE THING.  Those were events and hooked the viewer into the movies even further.  It was worth the wait.

Most genre movies now just start out with effects sequences and never let up.  Bleah. 

Anyway, this is worth a watch.  Wish I'd seen it in the theater.

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