Sunday, June 15, 2014

RIP Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem passed on today, at the age of 82.  He provided so many voices to characters I grew up with, and made much of the pablum of Top 40 music in the 70s entertaining with his show about the Top 40 hits of the week.  It was always fun to get to the top ten songs.  I'd rather remember the way he lived then some of the things that happened in his later years.  I'm not involved, so there will be no comment about them from me.

I don't remember when I started figuring out he was also doing voices for cartoons, since I heard him doing those long before I started tuning into the radio.  I heard his Robin first, and that was followed by Shaggy and my favorite of his, the "chicken" Alexander Cabot III.    It's funny that Shaggy met both Robin and Alexander during the Scooby Doo Movies, and I'm sure that wasn't the only time Casey was talking to himself.

When he voiced Mark from "Battle of the Planets" I think I knew it was him by then, since it was syndicated when I got older  Many of the other characters I could only take a guess at, though I think that's Samwise Gamgee between Alexander and Robin.  I know he voiced Shaggy's father in the first season of Mystery, Inc.

RIP Casey.

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Here's my favorite Kasem moment...