Sunday, June 8, 2014

Superman: the Mysterious Mr. Mist

This is the cartoon I mentioned last post.  It's a two parter, so there's a lot of action in it, but most of it is rescuing Lois from the mist.  He comes out of a well at Perry White's farmhouse and becomes obsessed with his people having Lois Lane as his people's queen.  It's never explained WHY he wants Lois, or how he knew she would be there, or even what his people actually are.  Of course, casual fans wouldn't think  of such things, especially viewers in the younger age range that would be enjoying the kidnappings and escapes that happen in a 7 minute cartoon.

But comic book readers might wonder a bit...
So the first part is Superman constantly rescuing Lois from the mist.  The mist can possess clothing, and take on it's form and powers.  There are several times Superman and Lois think a policeman, a firechief and a hobo are human only to find out it's the mist.
The first part ends on a cliff hanger, with the mist pushing Lois into the well and having tied Perry White (who sounds a lot like Edgar G Robinson in this episode) as a chainsaw is about to make two of him.  Using his super-smarts Superman figures out how to save both of his friends.
FInally, the mist goes back to Metropolis and possesses a Superboy costume.  This is the scene I always remembered.  I'm not sure it's Bob Hastings providing Superboy's voice, bt it would have been pretty cool.
This is how Superman defeats his young mist-clone.  By opening up a lead box with green K in it.  The mist doesn't know about his weakness and it works.  Kryptonite makes a sizzling sound in this series.
Finally, Superman captures the mist in a bottle, and drops it back into the well. He doesn't seal up the tunnel, just closes it with a giant rock.  Apparently mist people won't ever find their way up to the surface world again.
It's a fun episode, but all the captures in the first half got a little silly.  I would have had the battle between Superman and "Superboy" last a lot longer, that could have been memorable and fun.  I'm glad I finally got to see it again after... well, all this time.

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