Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Wolverine (2013)

I've had this ready to watch for several months, but kind of forgot it was on the HD.  This is the extended version.  Man, I miss the days when movies weren't constantly over two hours long AND that there was only one version of any given film.  How many freaking versions of BLADERUNNER are there?  And how many do we really need?  I'm sorry, it's my issue and I'll deal with it.  Anyway, after enjoying the last X-Men movie, which surprisingly didn't have Wolverine in every single shot, I thought it was time to check this film out.  I mostly enjoyed the first solo flick, even if there were no costumes or even code names for anyone.  I still don't get that, I mean, what's the point of making superhero movies if they are just dressed up as normal people?  Yes, that's another issue of mine, I'll get back on track here, I promise.

I also have to ask, is it common nor for movies to not have titles?  After 15 minutes there was no title screen come up for this film, and I figure it's not going to happen til the end of the movie.  As far as I can tell, he's still Marvel's Batman, all tormented and being able to do everything.  One reason I don't read new comics now. 

Still, I see some humor so far, and I know enough of Logan's history to recognize some of the characters already, like Yuriko.  I'm guessing the Silver Samurai makes an appearance, though I bet it's either a robot or Iron Samurai (and of course, never named as such).  I like that I don't have to sit through all of this movie at once.  I do kind of wish he was his comic book height of 5'3".  They could CG Hugh down in size.

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