Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Godzilla 66

Just watched this fun movie last night.  It's such a great spy/adventure/buddy comedy with monsters thrown in that you have to like it.  Add some great effects and a very cool score by Sato and it's really one of the more fun Godzilla movies out there.  If the new US Godzilla movie had been half as much much I probably would have gone and seen it more than once.  However, watching this on DVD sure is a different experience because of all the details you can notice.

 Such as the very dilapidated Godzilla suit that they use throughout the movie.  I'd never noticed this before, but the eyes look awful and the suit is pretty much falling apart.  It reminded me forcibly of the Godzilla suit in GODZILLA VS GIGAN (1972) where you could almost see pieces falling off.  It's a tribute to Haruo Nakajima for being able to pull a good performance out of that water logged suit.

Mothra looks a little threadbare herself.  It's such a huge puppet I'm not surprised at the way it looks, since I'm sure it's been  in storage for a few years.

At least the Ebirah suit looks great.  And this was the only time it was ever used.

Still, a great movie.

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Neel Chaudhari said...

Ebirah is an underrated kaiju.