Sunday, August 10, 2014

the Beast is a jerk

And by Beast, I mean the one from 20,000 Fathoms, not Hank McCoy, who is a relatively nice guy (well, at least the last time I read a comic book about him he was).

I just watched the movie again, and it's always better than I remember it being.  There's no time wasted on talking heads, and the love story doesn't seem too forced, which is nice as well.  The actors are all good in their roles and the music gets the job done.

But what really struck me this time was what a bastard the rhedosaurus actually is.  I mean, it just goes around sinking ships and knocking over lighthouses for no real reason (at least none given, we all know why the lighthouse had to go).  And it eats nearly everything it can.  I can understand the cop and even the battling octopus and shark, but what on EARTH told it that a diving bell would be something tasty?

I know, it's dying from radiation poisoning and probably in a lot of pain.  That could tend to make on slightly curmudgeonly.  Still, there's no real sympathy engendered for this monster, even when it's dying.  Though I am sure every paleontologist in the country wanted to examine the Beast after it was dead.  Nice of it to die on the beach like that.

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