Saturday, August 2, 2014

the Thing and the Guardians of the Galaxy

This was my introduction the the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Back then, this was Marvel Earth's future, after the Martians and Bionic Wars happened (this of course has changed since then).  As I love superhero teams, and ones I had never seen before this comic book hooked me.  It was actually the second part of the story, which I have finally read.  Ben, Cap and Sharon Carter have traveled to the year 3014 to help liberate New York from the Badoon, but they lack the numbers and get overwhelmed.

So they are captured.  Taryn, the leader of the resistance, puts in a call to the Guardians of the Galaxy, who are at first reluctant to enter the fray, until Vance Astro sees tape of Captain America fighting (gee, this was supposed to be the Thing's secondary book) and away they go.

All for of the Guardians have special powers, though we find out more about Yondu's "powers" later on in their own series.  These are the Guardians I liked the most, though I liked the later addition of the Mercurian Nikki.  But I never liked Starhawk much.  He's kind of a douche.

Anyway, the story ends well, with Vance getting to meet his hero.

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