Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time's Black Lagoon

this is a novel about the Creature from the Black Lagoon, set in 2015 (President H. Clinton is presiding). the climate has warmed so much that a young marine biologist proposes genetically engineering people to live in the sea. he is of course, met with derision.  But something has to be done, or humanity is probably doomed.

an older scientist then shows him the long suppressed footage of the Gill-man from South America, and shows him the fossil found in 1954. he relates the goings on from past (what we know as the three movies) and the scientist and his girlfriend end up going back in time to the Devonian Era, about 300 million years ago.  Good thing there is a handy dandy time machine around!

there they discover...

well, it's an interesting book, if a bit disappointing with some of the changes (the "Coarsened Ones" - come on, let's let the gill people people stay the same) and then the end of the book, to provide the drama is pretty predictable. the human characters are engaging, but the way things are explained is kind of weird.  The ending is kind of disappointing, if I remember correctly (I haven't read this since 2007 so my memory is a bit fuzzy).

worth a read, though!

This is a repost (with some updates) from the old Xenorama proboard).  I may do a few more of these here and there.

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