Monday, November 10, 2014

MOTW- Ghidrah! (AKA King Ghidorah)

One of my favorite Toho movies, it marked the first time three giant monsters teamed up rather than trying to kill each other.  Not that Godzilla and Rodan didn't do that very thing for a large part of the movie, but Ghidrah- later King Ghidorah- was such a threat to them and the world they had to do it.

Good thing Mothra was there to shame the two bigger dummies.  Anyway, this is about Ghidrah, so I'll stop the movie talk.

 An inspired creation, three heads, two tails and two gigantic wings, Ghidrah is taller than our heroic monsters.  Firing lightning bolts from all three chaotic heads it's no wonder he was popular enough to come back in a sorta sequel the next year, MONSTER ZERO.
And then in DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, followed a few years later by GODZILLA VS GIGAN and then an appearance on TV's Zone Fighter.

Unfortunately, his appearances in the Heisei era have all pretty much sucked.  The first one was OK, but then the rest...

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