Friday, December 5, 2014

Arrow vs Flash

In part 2, our heroes team up to catch Captain Boomerang.  This time, the Flash crew (secret IDs are known to at least five people in both shows now) travels to Starling City (ugh, what a name) to help Green Arrow capture the aforementioned Captain Boomerang.  Of course, he is on called this once at the end of the show, but we all knew that would happen.  There's also a lot of flashbacks to Ollie's past, why he is so Batman like.  You know, torture to get information from criminals and that sort of nonsense.

But it all ends well, and while both are good shows, neither are great shows.  I don't feel the urge to tune in next week at all to see what happens, though I would be more inclined to watch the Flash rather than Green Bat Arrow.  I'm sorry, Ollie, but until you ditch the hood and grow the goatee and become a loudmouth liberal, you are just another bat clone.  At least your GA voice is better than Bale's bat voice.

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