Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Flash vs Arrow

I've seen one episode of Arrow, and now this one of the new Flash show.  I'm no fan of realistic heroes, but danged if the Flash isn't one. They are sort of doing the realism thing, but at least he looks like the Flash.  Well, in costume.  In person, Barry looks a bit like Wally, so very young.  At least they keep the whole thing of him being late ALL the time in tact, a really nice touch.  I quite enjoyed the 90s version of the Flash, so it's nice to be able to say I like this one as well, which I kind of figured I wouldn't be able to say, since DC has such a lousy track record with their superhero movies these days.
This was a two part crossover, where Bat-Arrow shows up in Central City (from Starling City, ugh, stupid name change) looking for a guy using a boomerang as a weapon.  That sure was easy for me to figure out.  Flash has his own issues with some meta-human villain they call Prism who can make people angry with his eyes.

Ollie doesn't think Barry is using his brain much when fighting these people.  This leads to conflict.  Meh, at least his bat voice is better than Bale's.  They gave the Flash some interesting voiceover as well.

Overall, I liked it.  Nice touches like seeing Palmer Enterprises, hearing them mention Batman and even using code names for villains was fun.  Of course, everything happens at night, boring.  They caught Prism, but Captain Boomerang is still loose...

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