Friday, December 19, 2014

So much Batman

I have so many Batman DVDs. More than any other superhero. I find that surprising.  I know it's due to Batman being everywhere these days, and knowing everything, akin to the 60s Superman Supreme.  He's just a boring asshat now, except for maybe the 60s based comic book that is being published.  I hope to have more on that later.  Two of my top five posts here are about Batman.  It used to be three, but inexplicably the Sky Captain post seems to have more fans than I thought were possible.

Anyway, I have all four sets of Batman: The Animated series, the two serials, the entire run of The Brave and the Bold, the 60s Filmation Batman set, the best Batman movie made, from 1966, and his appearances in the Superman series and the Justice League cartoons.

I don't have any of the other movies, nor The Batman or Batman: Beyond (I like it, Terry is still Robin in a batsuit, sorry).  He's just such a jerk these days, very unlikeable.    I miss the Batman who had friends and could smile.  Of course, most superheroes never smile these days, they have to be grim and  realistic.  So boring.  How I wish Bruce Timm could get a crack at some Marvel superheroes now.

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