Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coming Soon... Xeno #15- in black and white!

I've decided to upload a black and white version of Xenorama #15, and it should be available as soon as the cover gets approved.  I've corrected a couple typos inside as well, but it's the exact same zine, just without the color.  It's also $2 cheaper.  This is mostly an experiment to see how it will sell.  Oh, and the back cover is different as well.  You'll have to check it out now to decide!

I kind of like the look of black and white as much as color.  It makes the inside of the zine look like the old monster mags and my original self publishing days of the 90s.  Except most of the pictures are better quality now.  I'd actually love to publish on actual newsprint, that would be way fun, but these will last longer.

I'll have the actual ordering information up as soon as it's available.  It was be on Amazon as well, for cheaper than the $6 it will be through createspace.com.  Wish I had thought of this last year, but here it is now. 

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