Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Young Justice

This is a series about several of the "sidekicks" of the major DC heroes.  It is definitely not the Teen Titans, though it sure starts out that way.  Speedy, Robin, Kid Flash and an Aqualad I've never seen before are teamed up with Artemis (not Arrowette) and Miss Martian and the clone Superboy.  Speedy, I mean Red Arrow, shows up occasionally so far.  At least he got rid of that dumb name. The show is about them becoming more than sidekicks, true heroes in their own right.  Naturally, they fight various villains along the way and have personality struggles with both their adult counterparts and each other.  The JLA is seen occasionally, and J'onn's all black costume... can we be over everyone wearing black these days?  It's a pretty classic lineup of the JLA, Hal, Katar and Shayera, Green Arrow and even Captain Marvel... this is Earth-16, so I guess that can make sense.  I still think Cap is best used in a humorous hero vein, rather than as a "serious" hero, but no one asked me, did they?  In season 2 more young heroes show up, including one that's obviously missing from this mix, Wonder Girl.

I had seen a few of these episodes when it first aired, but never in any order, so I didn't try too hard to see all of the episodes.  Now that it's available online I've watched the first six episodes and really like it.  I do miss the "original" voices of the older heroes, but every show should have it's own identity, right?  The actors do a good job.

I'm glad I'm far less of a continuity freak now than I was.  Sure, I'd like to see teams up from Earth 1 and Earth 2 (who wouldn't love to see that first one animated in Sekowsky's style of art?) but since that won't happen, the cartoons work.  It's also fun to watch Superman have a hard time dealing with his clone, who seems to want to be the loner of the bunch as well.  Superboy could never have been in the original Titans and no one would have ever thought of bringing another Martian down to any earth.

So I'm enjoying this first season.  Netflix doesn't seem to have season 2, but they are both available on blu-ray and I may have to order them.  I really do love superheroes.

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